Flower Essence Guide

By Louise Cardon

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Flower Essences are a gentle way to get emotional support when things get difficult. Since the 1970s there has been a massive increase in the availablilty of Flower Remedies. Once there were only the remedies of Dr Bach, with Rescue Remedy being used all over the world to cope with emotional distress.


Now there are hundreds of essence creators all over the world, so where do you start?


This beginner's guide will give you suggestions, from some of the more easily available ranges for everyday life challenges.

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About the Author

I have been using flower essences with my clients since 2006 and I have trained with Australian Bush Flower Essences, Indigo Essences and Alaskan Essences. I am blessed to live by the sea in Northeast England with a Nature Reserve over my back fence. 


Since face to face consultations and teaching are impossible due to COVID restrictions, I am active online for most of my services. Visit louisecardon.com to find out more